Sophomore Shoots Short Film Over Spring Break

Freshman Jack Fessenden and Sophomore Quinn Holmes shoot a scene from the short film "15-Love".

Victoria Diaz, Staff Writer

Amateur filmmaker Quinn Holmes, a sophomore, spent the week directing a short film that he wrote and developed himself called “15-Love”. Though Holmes spent four days shooting the short film over spring break, preparations for it had been in place for months.

“I love getting people together and creating a piece of work that everyone is proud of,” said Holmes. “Filmmaking has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid.”

The short film centers around a story told to Holmes by his mother.

“In the film there are a lot of things that are pulled from my life, my goal was to make a film with quirky characters, some peculiar or unexpected, and get a laugh or two out of the audience,” said Holmes.  “I was also definitely inspired by Wes Anderson’s style.”

Holmes experienced many challenges during pre-production of “15-Love”, like casting. In order to pick the perfect lead roles, Holmes reached out to many people who he knew around Austin.

“Casting was one of the hardest parts of making this film, finding actors willing to act in my film was hard enough, not to mention finding actors who would be in Austin during Spring Break,” said Holmes.

Students Des Magness, Ben Root, and Kai Dawson participated by acting in supporting roles in “15-Love.”

“I played one of the main supporting roles, as the best friend of the main character,” said Magness.

Some of the actors left set with an unforgettable feeling of a new experience.

“It was a great experience because I’ve never had a major role in a project this large before,” said Magness. “So being on set for so long and seeing how things work was cool.”

While there is no official set date for the release of “15-Love”, Holmes plans on releasing his project near the end of the summer, unless he is selected to participate in a film festival.

“I can’t release it to the public if I’m submitting it to film festivals, until they’re over,” said Holmes. “I don’t want to throw a date out there just yet.”

So be sure to keep an eye out for this cool, upcoming film.