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It’s so Surreal

It's so Surreal

Sofia Freed, Staff Writer

May 8, 2020

Junior Evan Overstreet hunches over her desk sketching the elegant curves of a woman’s body. Her room is dimly lit and thick with incense. Tapestries filled with geometric designs and dark landscapes are draped over the walls and ceiling. The empty sections of walls are filled with old Beatles vinyl...

The Ultimate Player

Senior Cade Culbertson catches a frisbee. He has been playing Ultimate since elementary school.

Connor Tate, Copy Editor

April 28, 2020

It’s like football, except there’s no contact. It’s like soccer, except there are no goalposts and no goalkeeper. It’s like basketball, except you can’t dribble the ball because there’s a Frisbee instead. Its scoring system is similar to volleyball’s, but it’s played on something more...

Whipple’s World

Picture of Whipple's new and improved seating arrangements

Kenzie Marsales, Staff Writer

February 19, 2020

Recliners, popcorn, and Japanese floor seating are not typical classroom furnishings, however, all of this can be found in American History teacher Cherry Whipple's room. According to Whipple, a comfortable learning environment is not optional, but essential to learning. “I think that student education...

Students Need Nutrients

Art by Belle Dilger

Belle Dilger, Staff Writer

February 19, 2020

Bad diets are responsible for more deaths across the world than smoking, and it’s becoming more of a worry that students aren’t getting the message on proper eating health. Students have different eating habits that influence the nutrients they are ingesting daily; some things incredibly beneficial,...

New Project Sparks Design Creativity

Sophomore Conrad Montminy explains to visiting parents the importance of his group's redesign. Students went to the Austin Public Library in order to get inspiration for their spaces.

Belle Dilger, Staff Writer

December 4, 2019

The Academy of Design and Technology (ADT) sophomores were given a project in order to create an identity for the academy. Students were divided into groups and worked to redesign spaces in the school to be used more efficiently. Through this project, they hope to establish the Design and Technology...

Halloween Interrupts School Week

LINK crew leads life-skills students in the annual trick or treat walk.

Eliza O'Neill, Staff Writer

November 20, 2019

Halloween is full of all sorts of different traditions, ways to celebrate, and fun new costumes differs for every student. However this year it falls on a Thursday which complicates some plans that people may have. “Usually every year I decorate my house with my mom and on the actual day of Halloween...

More than Just a Dance Team

More than Just a Dance Team

Kylie Baber-Gonzalez and Angie Black

October 8, 2019

The ballet folklorico team and its members not only represent Hispanic culture, but they represent the diversity throughout the school. Yet, the program currently remains with no booster club and little to no outside funding. “We really get no money, so we have fundraisers throughout the year t...

Students Transition From Summer Sleep Habits

Artwork by Belle Dilger

River Ginko and Tommy Santiago

September 23, 2019

After junior Marley Crepps finished his test, he passed out at his desk. Crepps believes that having an inconsistent sleep schedule can completely throw off a student’s work ethic. Part of this has to do with students having to alter their sleep schedule from summer to the beginning of the school ...

Marhaba from Jordan

Eight students from the Arabic program visited iconic Jordanian landmarks
like Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Xander Christou, Managing Editor

September 17, 2019

The desert sun beat down on the students as they walked down the dusty trail. Donkeys and horses trotted by, and Bedouin shopkeepers shouted prices in Arabic. The path narrowed and the afternoon light painted the sandstone walls golden orange. The path opened up around the bend and revealed th...

Alex McGahagin Talks Choosing the Right College

Senior Alex McGahagin will be attending the University of Texas at Dallas.

Tatiana Brown, Editor-in-Chief

May 15, 2019

Top ten percenters aim to attend Ivy League or highly competitive colleges, however, senior and valedictorian Alex McGahagin would rather attend a college that specifically focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM. “I find myself pretty inclined towards STEM programs,...

Sherwood Tries New Teaching Methods After Trip to India

Melanie Sherwood teaches her class based on principles she learned while traveling India

Xander Christou, Staff Writer

May 15, 2019

Visual Communications teacher Melanie Sherwood spent her summer traveling around India, and came back with new visions for her classroom and a mission to teach with peace. Her trip was coordinated by the International School For Jain Studies and the PTSA. She is the third Austin High teacher to attend t...

Tiana Gardner Joins the 1,000 Point Club

Senior Tiana Gardner became the 4th student in the last 25 years to score 1,000 points.

Juan Montelongo, Staff Writer

May 15, 2019

Tiana Gardner scored 1,000 points in a basketball during her senior year, making her one of four students to accomplish this achievement at the school in the last 25 years. “That was a really huge milestone for me and something I really worked hard for,” Gardner said. Although she accomplish...

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