Lebo and Roberts Take Over as Golf Coaches

Graphic by Xander Christou.

Graphic by Xander Christou.

The school recently acquired two new golf coaches, the boys’ coach Nick Lebo, and the girls coach Lance Roberts.

Before he came to coach at Austin High Lebo was a defensive coordinator at Reagan High.

“The number one reason I got into coaching is because I love to build relationships with the students,” Lebo said. 

Lebo wants his students to excel not only in the world of golf but also in their daily lives.

“It’s my goal to help young men become great fathers, husbands, and overall just a good person in the community,” Lebo said.

The second new coach, Coach Roberts, has a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the players.

“He is very helpful and he is new so we can both teach each other.” senior Fallon Russell said.

Roberts’ coaching style differs from previous golf coaches’ by engaging more with the players and building relationships with them.

“Lebo has implemented a lot of new rules and has also incorporated a lot of athletics,” junior James Crosnoe said. “I’m really excited for the new season and what the coach has in store for us.”

Practices at golf have become more strength-focused, for example, during practice, boys’ golf must do four core lifts.

“We want to help our athletes develop both fine motor skills, which help when you play a sport like golf, build overall strength, and also functional strengths,” Lebo said. “Our four core lifts are bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and power cleans.”

However, Roberts coaches to focus on other strengths is.

“The weight room is so busy in the fall were so hoping to get it in the spring,” Roberts said, “but I like them to play at least four holes a week and I want them to carry their bags so they walk a lot.”

Russell explains what the coaching this year is like.

“This year coaching is more when you want help.” Russell said. “I like it because golf is an individual sport. We practice more short-game compared to just the range.” 

Coach Roberts also explains why he became a golf coach. 

“Golf is my passion and I love that I get to teach what I’m crazy about,” Roberts said. “I like the aspect of teaching someone who has never played before or someone who just needs help with their swing.”