Ultimate Frisbee Aims for State


Connor Tate

Senior Marty Carrillo catches a Frisbee mid-practice.

Connor Tate, Copy Editor

The Ultimate Frisbee club begins the new season hoping to go to the state tournament. The team is run by AGS math teacher Steven Trenfield, who has been coaching Ultimate for five years.

“A student walked into my room and said, ‘Hey, Mr. Trenfield, you should be the Ultimate Frisbee sponsor,’” Trenfield said. “I had actually never played before, but I agreed to it, and then quickly found out what an amazing sport it is with an amazing community of people.”

The sport, which has been described as football meets basketball using a Frisbee, has attracted a student following.

“I’m expecting a lot of returning players to be here this year,” senior and team captain Cade Culbertson said. “I’m hoping to get those returning players and make them even better for the next state tournament.” 

At last year’s state tournament, the club finished in 9th place out of 16 teams. This year, there are plans to reach higher – and to expand.

“The first goal is to build up the girls’ team,” Trenfield said. “There are zero schools in Texas that have a stand-alone girls’ team, so I want to be the first.” 

If he succeeds, the new girls will join a team which Trenfield says is very welcoming.

“The people who are playing Ultimate Frisbee aren’t as hardcore as a lot of the other sports, and the people in this community tend to be a lot nicer than any other sport I’ve played,” Culbertson said.

Senior and team co-captain Skylar Weum agrees, considering Ultimate to have enriched her life.

“The best sport in the world – that’s how I’d describe it,” Weum said.