Tennis Progresses Through the Playoffs


Photo by Isabelle Provisor

Senior Ainsley Merrit sets up against a strike from Westlake. This is the final district game between Austin High and Westlake.

The varsity tennis team went to the first round in the playoffs for the regional quarterfinals after beating Clemens 10-2 and Johnson 10-1.

A freshman named Conor Smillie helped improve, scoring 2 out of the 2 points that they had made during this last game after losing 10-2 as the final score against Lake Travis.

“Missing a lot of school is worth it to hang with all my teammates,” Holden Davis said.

Missing a lot of school makes it harder for them to do well in class, but it helps the team’s performance overall.

“We all have good chemistry with each other,” Davis said. “We all have good spirit and are always helping cheer each other on.”

They help motivate which help them get to regionals, also having a freshman help them get there.

“Smillie is one of the best on the team,” Davis said.

Davis said Smillie is one of the best, but tennisit is a team game, and it takes a team effort to win or lose.

“Our biggest strength is playing as a team,” Smillie said.

They play as a team, but coach Leslie Oduwole has helped them have that strength.

“Coach Oduwole makes us run, pushes us hard and some take it the wrong way but in the end we know it’s going to make us better,” Davis said.

Oduwole helps them with getting better physically, but she also helps with emotional improvement.

“Coach Oduwole motivates us, knows what to tell us, specific instruction and when we are down she finds a way to pick us up,” Davis said.