New Talent on the Team

Fosco arrives from Chicago to start career as assistant varsity baseball coach


Photo by Kylie Baber

Assistant Varsity Coach Kyle Fosco

Coming all the way from north Chicago, Kyle Fosco, a former Missouri University baseball player, is the new baseball coach and also teaches math.

“I love being outside, love playing sports and always did when I had the chance,” Fosco said. “I was always the one who would turn off all of my friends’ video games to go play.”

He was always active and when he had the chance he would not only lead himself but also lead his friends which helped to define his want to be a teacher and coach.

“I wanted to lead by example to all my family and friends,” Fosco said. “Similarly to how I want to lead the baseball team and students in the right direction.”

He’s excited to coach a sport he played in college, but the reasons behind him playing weren’t the usual reasons why.

“My parents weren’t into baseball. My dad played soccer and my mom was not athletic, which made me want to work harder,” Fosco said.

Coaching is not the only big change moving to Austin brought.

“Moving here was a lot,” Fosco said. “It was fast and happened in only a week. During that week I also flew and got married in St. Louis.”

Fosco looked forward to beginning the new journey with his wife.

“I like a fresh start at a new school,” Fosco said. “A new adventure for my wife and me.”

Going to a new school also means being “the new guy.”

“There were a lot of people and I did not know any of them,” Fosco said. “However, I wasn’t scared, the kids here are awesome, and they are all kind. The staff is very nice and supportive.”

Fosco traveled to Austin before moving here and got a head start figuring things out.

“I have been to Austin a few times. I love this city, the people, the weather, and my wife and I were looking around to move,” Fosco said.

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in life, but for Fosco, the stress goes away when he gets to coach.

“I was a baseball player. I pitched for the club team for the University of Missouri,” Fosco said.

Fosco is embracing the changes that come with the move and new position.

“I am excited to go to weekend tournaments, the different schedule here than from my old school, and getting to travel and play other AISD schools,” Fosco said.