Star Wars: Battlefront



The Star Wars franchise has seen a recent revival that’s been a long time coming, with Episode 7 and the long awaited sequel to the last Battlefront coming out, a game that many consider a masterpiece, myself included. When I heard that a new one was coming out, I lost it; A new Battlefront was something I’d been wanting for years.

But then EA got involved.

EA, or Electronic Arts, is the garbage bin of the gaming industry. They are well known for using cash-grabbing tactics and cheap cop outs that have ruined otherwise amazing games. For instance,  look at Mass Effect 3: The series has been a wonderfully crafted sci-fi RPG until EA realized how much they could make off of it. Then they butchered the ending of what should’ve been, and could’ve been a masterpiece of gaming. Same thing happened here with this new Battlefront. Cash cow business tactics have created one of the biggest disappointments of 2015, and the video game industry in general.

It was also developed by Dice, the creators of the successful Battlefield franchise, but they are known for releasing unfinished games and completing it with downloadable content later, for more money.. Battlefront is no different.

The Battlefront games, if you are unaware, are games dedicated to making the player feel like an actual soldier fighting in a large-scale Star Wars battle. Massive maps for the many players include the deserts of Tatooine, the icy trenches of Hoth, and the massive forests of the moon of Endor. Past games have been critically acclaimed and rightly so, for they were amazing games full of spectacular moments and awe-inspiring battles.

Visually, the new Battlefront is spectacular. High production value for the graphics of the game. It looks like you are genuinely a part of a massive battle, from the sparks that fly from laser blasts and thermal detonations to the AT-ATs lumbering towards the battle from a distance. This Battlefront is easily one of the best looking games on the market. Maps are large and have varying terrain, though there are a disappointing number of them. There’s a lot of attention to detail here, small-scale, but not in the grand-scheme of the game.

From the complete lack of single player modes, to the lame number of multiplayer game modes, and the absolute dismal amount of maps, the game feels unfinished. Polished as hell, but not finished. It’d be like giving a gold paint job to a 60 year old truck that barely runs. Looks pretty, but it doesn’t work. Gameplay is like any other modern shooter: instant reward and fast paced, but that’s never been what Battlefront was about. Battlefront is supposed to be about planning and coordination. Rushing to the TIE Fighters in the beginning and planning an attack on a hostile base with your teammates have always been a magical part of Battlefront. Not running around getting power-ups and trying to get the biggest killstreak. This Battlefront, the EA one, feels like Battlefield with a Star Wars paint job. It’s really sad too, because with the production value here, this could’ve been the best one yet.