The Maroon

Its so Surreal

It’s so Surreal

Inspired by psychedelia, Overstreet's art is bold and colorful
Sofia Freed, Staff Writer May 8, 2020

Junior Evan Overstreet hunches over her desk sketching the elegant curves of a woman’s body. Her room is dimly lit and thick with incense. Tapestries filled with geometric designs and dark landscapes...

Senior Cade Culbertson catches a frisbee. He has been playing Ultimate since elementary school.

The Ultimate Player

Connor Tate, Copy Editor April 28, 2020

It’s like football, except there’s no contact. It’s like soccer, except there are no goalposts and no goalkeeper. It’s like basketball, except you can’t dribble the ball because there’s a Frisbee...

Junior Joseph Yang

Big Changes; Same Sport

Junior moves from Seoul South Korea to Austin to pursue sports and education
Sofia Freed, Staff Writer February 19, 2020

When junior Joseph Yang first moved to the United States from South Korea he spoke little English; however, his passion for school and baseball motivated him to fly halfway across the world to go to Austin...

In Synchro

In Synchro

Sofia Freed, Staff Writer November 10, 2019

Junior Claire Dempsey spends most of her time in the pool practicing for hours at a time. But she’s not swimming laps. She’s synchronized swimming, an elaborate hybrid of swimming, dancing, and...

Junior Olympian balances life as teen & athlete

Junior Olympian balances life as teen & athlete

Juan Montelongo, Staff Writer October 20, 2019

Sophomore Juliana Martinez started taking part in the Junior Olympics when she was only 13-years-old. Juliana competed in the 200-meter and 800-meter hurdles, helping her team get to 7th place in the...

Play like a Girl

Play like a Girl

Sophomore tackles stereotypes on and off football field
Bri Bady, Staff Writer October 9, 2019

While the sport of American football is maledominated, sophomore and JV football player Thalia Smith hopes to change that. Smith began playing flag football when she was five years old, started...

Art by Natalie Fowler

Natalie Fowler Tackles Inktober

Angie Black, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 7, 2018

Putting the pen on the paper, drawing the concept to the right level of detail, and showcasing pieces of art that came from the heart is one of the biggest challenges for Junior Natalie Fowler. “I...

The Life of an Exchange Student

Emilia Spangberg, Staff Writer November 7, 2018

On the 14th of August my life changed. I left Sweden to seek new experiences and learn about another culture here in America. It’s one of the biggest decisions that I have ever made: to leave everything...

Juniors Love of Shoes Pays Off

Junior’s Love of Shoes Pays Off

Auston Abrego, Creative Director February 22, 2018

Waking up before the sun on a Saturday morning sounds bizarre to most students who would rather sleep in, but junior Chris Brand starts his Saturdays off early to head to raffles at local shoe stores to...

Joo Travels Asia to Connect to her Roots

Joo Travels Asia to Connect to her Roots

Tessa Lehman, Copy Editor February 14, 2017
Senior Minji Joo, originally from Dallas, had the opportunity to travel to and live in numerous Asian countries throughout the years, allowing her to experience new and unique cultures, some of which gave her insight on her Korean roots.
Small Screen Magic

Small Screen Magic

Kaylan Berry, Staff Writer June 1, 2016
Philosophical rants, new perspectives, and some plain silly videos can be found in senior Caleb Short’s multiple short films on YouTube.
Run Along with Thomas Chiang

Run Along with Thomas Chiang

Audrey Ashburn, Photo Editor June 1, 2016
Running: a sport, an activity and a pastime, but for senior soccer player Thomas Chiang it’s for endurance, power and free time.
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