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What is this Galentine’s Day Anyway?

Tatiana Brown-Gomez, Staff Writer

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Are you single? Is Valentine’s Day quickly approaching? Well ladies, there is a new way to spend Valentine’s Day without feeling left out: from going out with friends to staying home and watching movies with your mom,Galentine’s Day is something new and fresh that everyone can enjoy.t might have gal in the name but that doesn’t mean it’s specifically just for the ladies. Galentine’s Day is a way for everyone to feel included and to hangout with the people you care most about.

Enjoy chocolate together with friends and family rather than having to worry about getting a significant other a gift. Valentine’s Day tends to be over exaggerated by people who hate and love it. Some believe it’s a made up holiday that’s only trying to get your money, which is true. But some enjoy it as a holiday to  get cute little gifts for their significant other. Rather than making this holiday just for couples, it should be extended to people you love in general.

From getting mani-pedis with the girls to playing video games all night with the boys, Galentine’s Day can be used to celebrate friendship, love, and family all in one. Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down just because you don’t have a significant other. Even using Valentine’s Day to treat yourself is a fun alternative to the traditional version of this holiday.


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Tatiana Brown-Gomez, Editor In Chief

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What is this Galentine’s Day Anyway?