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Theater Revamps “The Lion King”

Tatiana Brown-Gomez, Staff Writer

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The theater performed a shortened children’s version of “The Lion King Musical”. This was a good performance and was perfect for smaller children due to the singing and overall joyful attitude of the play. The actors showed great emotion; such as anger, mischief plus the actors were very clear. Their singing was also clear, loud and not scratchy or out of tune. The costumes were obviously made in a short amount of time but had interesting aspects. Such as Mufasa and Simba’s mane were made out of sticks instead of paper or cloth. This was interesting because it gave a different texture to the whole costume, this helped make the costume more eye catching.

One of the reasons this musical was appealing to me was that there were many props and colorful costumes. The props included hand-held props which were different animals like giraffes and gorillas and animal bones representing that something bad was about to happen next. There were also different narrators wearing African print dresses and they told the story in an African accent which made the play feel more like it was taking place in African savannas. The narrator’s dressing and speaking in this way aided in making the setting easier for me to understand and for the musical to come to life in a more vivid way. The best part of the play was how all the characters showed great amounts of professionalism, by showing depth, knowing their lines, being loud and clear. For this short amount of time and a low budget, this was one of the most professional musicals; but the only thing I would say is that everyone should be wearing some type of costume. Some of the actors that had hand-held props were not wearing any type of costumes and were just wearing their normal everyday attire. This made the musical look less professional. The play would have felt more complete if everyone wore green and completed their characters with masks.

The actors showcased their talent in a musical that worked well chronologically and made sense. The narrators didn’t always transition scene to scene; the characters would do some of the different transitions such as exiting and entering the stage. The musical included all the key scenes of “The Lion King”, without lengthy extras. The audience to snapped and sang along to the musical, which made the audience interact and kept their attention. The actors also moved around the theater and made direct eye contact with the audience.  The audience knew which scenes were taking place, due to their acting.

“The Lion King Musical” was a very well acted piece. Everyone did very well and looked amazing that night. I’m glad I decided to watch this play and see how the amazing the theater department could put something together so quickly and make it something really wonderful. Watching “The Lion King” as a musical was very entertaining, thoughtful and beautiful, I really enjoyed watching it.

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Tatiana Brown-Gomez, Staff Writer

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Theater Revamps “The Lion King”