Featured Blog Post: The Impact Too Much Work Has On Students

Matthew Craft

Matthew Craft, Staff Writer

Despite being in the beginning of a new six weeks, students are already being flooded with tests, quizzes, and essays in every class. With teachers cramming in all they can before spring break, it really takes a toll on the student. Students make it through the day knowing they can go home and relax. However, with the overflow of work outside of class, students are forced to go home and either stress over upcoming tests or work until their sleep deprived eyes turn red.

Students are in need of more free time, or teachers should schedule tests to facilitate the work ethics of students. Teachers should have a system so there aren’t tests in multiple classes on the same day. When we have to force what could be multiple days work and compress it to all be turned in the same day, there is a huge drop in quality. Students cannot be expected to work diligently when they are already stressing on the next project they will be working on. It clouds the students mentality and will hinder their performance on tests.

The last thing a high school needs is more anxiety filled students. Students are already exploding with other emotions and the last thing they need is to be fueled by hours of work. Administrators need to take this into account when planning state tests. Is a state test a really good judgement of intelligence when they put teens into a disposition where they would do worse than if they had an appropriate amount of free time to relieve mental stress?

Projects, exams, and essays are all important assets to the learning process and will help improve the student’s understanding of the topic when studying or preparing for them. However, when stacked together it will take a toll on the students emotional health and will play a role on the overall quality of work they would put out if they weren’t under so much stress. I am not saying we should have less work, I am only recommending that the work is better spaced out. If we can accomplish that then it would be beneficial for both the student and the teacher, but until then students are forced to endure the overwhelming stress.

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