Marvel Cinematic Universe


On March 3, 2021, Marvel Entertainment released a video on YouTube that showcased all the movies that they’ve produced in the past, along with a surprise at the end of the video showing what the future will look like for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Many previously announced movies got their release dates and logos showcased and a few movies got titles. Usually, Marvel will give us 2 movies a year with the exception of 2020 because of COVID-19, but this year is also looking to be an exception with a whopping four movies announced to be released in 2021. The four movies announced for this year include (in order of release): Black Widow (July), Shang Chi (September) The Eternals (November) and Spider-man (December). All these movies among others have stirred a huge wave of excitement among fans old and new. I’m looking forward to what Marvel has in store for the rest of the year and afterwards.