Fantasy footfall leagues come to a close, best are lost

Awards and punishments handed out to participants


Photo Courtesy of Ben Woodhouse.

Junior Ben Woodhouse shows off his fresh cut after losing in Fantasy Football. “When I first went through with it, I didn’t really know what to think, I just got used to it after a while,” Woodhouse said.

Will Jones, Staff Writer

Fantasy Football is one of the most beloved forms of football fan entertainment across the country. With the end of the NFL regular season, football championships for fantasy leagues have begun. It’s no doubt that one of the highlights of the fantasy season is making the playoffs and working your way toward the championship, perhaps even winning. However, on the other end of the spectrum are some severe punishments.

“You had to get belt whipped on your back by each player,” senior Zach Sutton said.

Fantasy leagues begin with a draft, replicating the real NFL draft, and each participant gets one pick to select any available player of their choice. What the participant is looking for in their draft pick is a player who will gain the most points on a weekly basis. A poor selection, also known as a bust, can result in a lower ranking later on in the league.

“I played in multiple leagues, and my best finish was second, my worst was dead last, and my best player was probably either Amari Cooper, DeAndre Hopkins, or Russel Wilson,” senior Hill Morgan said.

Draft busts and/or poor trade decisions can result in low finishes, and punishments are given to those who finish in last place. Some punishments can be fun or embarrassing.

“There was a punishment for last place; the loser had to paint himself green and go to school, which he has not done yet so look forward to that,” Morgan said.

Some punishments, however, can be much more severe for the loser.

“We pretty much taped our friend to a wall, just like in the play Urinetown,” senior Ethan Godinez said. “There was a big wooden thing, we grabbed it, we taped him to it and threw a bunch of nasty rotten stuff at him. If you go to Barstool Longhorn it’s on there.”

If you do happen to have the best team in your league, you usually do get a prize along with, of course, eternal glory and supreme bragging rights.

“A bunch of money,” Morgan said, “and I got second place so I got none of it and I’m pretty mad.”

In other leagues, the prize was something a little different from money.

“It was a spray-painted gold spatula, I don’t know why,” Godinez said.