No Plan to Redo Restrooms Despite Need

Rumors of funding to improve school bathrooms debunked by C.A.T.


Art by Belle Dilger

Thomas Santiago, Staff Writer

The budget for the reconstruction grant will help fund multiple things such as new locker rooms and private restroom facilities. As for the public bathrooms, not much has been stated. Noticing the lack of attention paid towards the bathrooms, some students have voiced their opinions.

Sophomore Taylor Carlson criticized the poor condition of many stalls in the girls’ bathrooms.

“There should be new stalls and they should work on the ones that are broken,” Carlson said. “Many of them need to be fixed.”

Junior Blaine Hammel has an issue with the bathrooms due to their poor sanitation. He believes that the bathrooms are not maintained and often remain in a dirty condition.

“I think the bathrooms are really dirty,” Hammel said. “They’re not kept well. They’re not clean. I think we need more attention put towards the sanitation of the bathroom.”

Junior Nino Gomez comments on the individuality of the urinals and stalls. He feels that all of the urinals and stalls should all have more privacy by separating them.

“I realize how in the second-floor bathrooms, the urinals are these little individual stalls, you know it’s just like your own personal comfort,” Gomez said. “It’s a small thing but all of the bathrooms should have it. I think a redesign would be appropriate.”

Like Gomez, junior Gustavo Davilla voices his concern about the privacy of the bathrooms, especially with the stall design.

“The locks don’t work sometimes, there’s no privacy and they(the custodians) lock them way too often,” junior Gustavo Davilla said. “I think more money definitely needs to be put towards it.”

With multiple complaints and suggestions from students, some wonder exactly how much of the grant will be put towards bettering the restrooms. Even with the recent stir of complaints, there is no money confirmed to be going to the public restrooms. The Campus Architectural Team (CAT), a team that decides where the money is put towards for the schools architecture, has no known plans of investing money towards the public bathrooms. Geometry teacher and CAT member Brad Ingram is involved in this renovation program; he expects little changes to be made to the current state of the restrooms.

“In certain areas, they are going to add new locker rooms, facilities for dance, a space for Ballet Folklorico, and all of those different programs,” Ingram said. “Those will all have new locker rooms and restrooms in there that are available. I’m not sure if there will be any more restroom facilities in the hallways for public access. That’s still in the design phase.”