Frozen 2: A Look From the Outside

High schooler reacts to new disney movie.


Photo courtesy of Disney.

Will Jones, Staff Writer

Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the Frozen crew are back on the big screen after six years of rumors and talk of a lovable Disney revamp. While, of course, every 4 to twelve-year-old boy or girl is going to think the Frozen franchise and its characters are the best thing that’s happened to Hollywood and Disney history, what might your typical high school guy think about a movie whose target audience is more than ten years younger than he is? Well, to put it short, meh.

I never really was the biggest Frozen fan since its opening back in 2013, but I set my expectations low going into the theater, hoping to be proven wrong by the brilliant producers from Disney. But being the thrill-seeking, sports-loving, gore-y movie watcher that I am, I must say, I am not too impressed with Frozen 2. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of Disney magic, or maybe it’s just the nonstop singing throughout the movie that really set me off but the action, the conflict, and overall, the plot is just not there.

While the whole world of Disney, and Frozen, in particular, are based upon magic the actual movie didn’t make me feel any more magical than when I walked into the building. In the trailer, you see big rock giants who look like they might be hunting for Elsa and her friends. Let’s say, in reality, it was possible to shoot ice out of your hands, how much is that really going to do in stopping a huge ‘land giant?’ Looking at another aspect of the trailer, Anna is quoted saying, “I’m not going to let anything happen to [Elsa].” This gives the viewer an idea that they may be in for a touching movie about keeping family close to you and out of danger. While this is still a big theme throughout the movie, it is much overpowered by, essentially, the overwhelming of Elsa’s ego, and her running away in an attempt to save the day… again.

All in all, while there was a nice touch of humor included in the movie, it can only do so much in making me feel better about it. In my opinion, this movie may put some of its audience members to sleep, just like it did for me. No really, I actually fell asleep. Banter aside, The parts of the movie that I did watch, did not motivate, or even make me want to finish the movie.

I rate this movie ⅖ Maroos because of the fact that it lost me barely a quarter of the way through.