Great Dessert Places Around Austin

Voodoo donuts
Voodoo Doughnut originated in Portland, Oregon and was created by Kenneth, “Cat Daddy”, Pogson and Richard, “Tres”, Shannon III after noticing that downtown Portland didn’t have a donut shop. Voodoo Doughnut has multiple locations across the country, in Oregon, Colorado, Florida, California, and Texas. I visited the Voodoo Donuts 6th street location, a bright pink place situated between the old downtown buildings. They have numerous options like “The Homer donut” (glazed with pink icing/sprinkles) inspired by The Simpsons and “The Loop” (fruit loops on top of a white glazed donut). I bought “The Dirt”, a vegan donut with white icing and crumbled oreo cookies on top. I thought that the dough, icing and the crumbs were all unique and created an amazing taste. While it was vegan, I couldn’t even tell the difference from a normal donut and didn’t even know it was vegan until I looked at the website. I would give “The Dirt” donut 4⁄5 maroos and the location a 4⁄5 because of the colorful, quirky setting inside the store.

Baked Bear
Baked Bear is a popular ice cream sandwich shop, first opened in San Diego, California. It specializes in custom-built sandwiches, brownie bowls, and make-your-own ice cream cones. I visited the Baked Bear shop in the Seaholm Center. It was welcoming and a nice place to stay warm after school during a cold and windy day. I created my own ice cream cookie sandwich with warmed funfetti cookies and cookie dough ice cream in the middle. I thought that the ice cream and cookies paired well together, especially since it was warmed. While it tasted good, I thought that the combination was a little bit too sweet and would have been better shared rather than eating it by myself. I rate the ice cream sandwich that I created a 3.5/5 maroos and the overall establishment 5/5 maroos for its warm welcoming environment . The ice cream sandwiches are amazing but too sweet for me, however, if you prefer sweet stuff it’s the place for you.

Cow Tipping Creamery
The Tipping Cow Creamery is a unique ice cream shop that specializes in extravagant soft serves, shakes, and floats. What started as a food truck in North Austin has expanded into several brick and mortar buildings located around Austin and Dallas. I ordered the “It’s Your Birthday” a stacker special with funfetti cake chunks, birthday cake crumb, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate crumb. The soft-serve was smooth and creamy and the assorted toppings created a delicious blend of flavors. I highly recommend The Creamery for people who like to try new flavor combinations as there are many options, so anyone can find something they will enjoy. I rate the dish 4⁄5 and the Tipping Cow Creamery 4.5/5 maroos.

Tiny Pies
Tiny Pies is a family-owned miniature pie shop founded in Austin, Texas. This is the original handheld pie shop using old family recipes and the highest quality of ingredients. They have two locations in Austin, one North, and one South. I ordered the cherry and key lime mini pie. The cherry pie was sweet and tart with delicious cinnamon crumble. The key lime was served cold and had the perfect tang of fresh lime. The miniature pie allowed me to try multiple flavors without worrying about becoming full or overindulging. Overall, I would rate Tiny Pies a 5/5 for its delicious flavors and its creative take on a traditional dish.

Holla Mode
Holla Mode is a popular food trailer that specializes in Thai style ice cream. This special ice cream is created by pouring a fresh blend of liquid ice cream ingredients onto a frozen stainless steel surface, creating a delicious ice cream right before your eyes. I ordered the “Violet, Violet” blueberry ice cream with blueberry toppings. The ice cream was delicious and the unique creamy texture was very different from traditional ice cream. If you’re into trying new things, this is the place for you. I rate the dish 5/5 and the Holla Mode establishment 4.5/5.