Halloween Interrupts School Week


Photo by Reyana McClain

LINK crew leads life-skills students in the annual trick or treat walk.

Halloween is full of all sorts of different traditions, ways to celebrate, and fun new costumes differs for every student. However this year it falls on a Thursday which complicates some plans that people may have.

“Usually every year I decorate my house with my mom and on the actual day of Halloween I pass out candy to little kids who trick or treat, but since Halloween is during the school week this year I probably won’t be able to due to all my homework,” junior Max Bird said.

In addition to high-demands of school work, many seniors face the Nov. 1st deadline of college applications, completely ignoring any plans of celebrating Halloween at all.

“I don’t usually have any Halloween traditions, I just hang out with friends. Though this year my college early decision applications are due on Friday. I don’t really have time to do anything for Halloween and it honestly sucks,” senior Zayna Chouman said.

Some students, however, aren’t concerned about school when it comes to Halloween, and will continue with their long-standing traditions.

“For Halloween, me and my brother who is nineteen now, have always gone trick or treating together,” junior Samantha Plummer said. “Then when we are done we go back to our house and dump out our bags of candy and can spend hours just trading candy.”

Some students, like junior Nick Barlyn, aren’t letting Halloween falling on a school-day ruin their spirit, and still have exciting costumes and plans for the holiday.

“This year for Halloween, I am really excited because I’m dressing up as Elmo and going out with my friends. The holiday falling on a Thursday doesn’t really ruin it for me because I love Halloween,” Barlyn said.

Despite growing older, some families maintain their traditions and celebrate together in their own way every Halloween.

“My family and I every year get Wings from Pluckers and we have a Halloween movie marathon, we have done that pretty much every year.” junior Sofhia Zapata said. “I’m planning to look past the fact that Halloweens on Thursday and treat it like any other year, because this tradition with my family is really special to me.”