Staff Travels to San Antonio for Journalism Workshop


Photo by Zoie Hill

Newspaper students show their honorable mention award for online news site.

The journalism staff had a writing-packed weekend at the San Antonio Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE) convention, where they had the opportunity of entering writing and photography competitions, as well as attending intensive writing classes and individual workshops. Many instructors were in attendance to pass on their knowledge to students at the convention held on October 18-21.

“[The classes] inspired me to do things that I probably wouldn’t have thought about doing,” editor and senior Evan Myers said. “Right now I’m trying to write a feature story, which I would not have done if I hadn’t taken the seminar with [journalism instructor] David Knight.”

Nine members of the journalism staff attended the convention to get advice and tips on how to manage their yearbook and newspaper better. Speakers like Knight gave insight into going out of the box when it comes to writing styles and how to make a story more interesting.

“They helped a lot by showing us different designs for newspapers and how to write in different styles,” sophomore Evan Craig said. “You can find new ways of writing compared to just making the same story over and over. I learned that you can branch out and go on to newer topics instead of doing basic ones.”

Other than helping members improve their writing skills and inspire their yearbook work, the trip helped the team bond and connect with each other in a close environment.

“A lot of us who went were complete strangers, but afterward we knew each other and bonded,” sophomore Aidan Acuna said. “It made us feel like a family of sorts.”

Editors Kylie Baber-Gonzalez and Myers also attended critiques and workshops to learn how to make staff classes more interactive. They hope to make the in-class environment more enjoyable for writers and get them to see that being on staff is more than just working.

“What I took most from the classes was how to be a better leader, and how to make this class more of a fun experience than just writing,” Baber said. “It was a good bonding experience because we don’t normally get the opportunity to hang out outside of class as a group and talk about anything other than newspaper.”

The convention is held annually and is an important source for the staff on gathering new ideas to better their work.

“I think it is useful attending annually because it’s not just the same people every time giving speeches,” Baber said. “Everybody who has a talk always has something new to share that makes the classes worth it.”