UNICEF Club Works to “make a change in their community and around the world” 

Katie Harwood, Staff Writer

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Club is a new club started by juniors Honore Nelson and Katherine Jones. The club was created to raise money for UNICEF, an organization that donates to support lower socioeconomic families in developing countries around the world. 

“In UNICEF Club, we are going to be hosting events to help benefit [the program], and by attending events thrown by other UNICEF Clubs,” Jones said. 

To raise money the club will be holding bake sales, before and after school.

“We started this club because we are hoping to try something new, and help give our fellow students an opportunity to make a difference,” Jones said. 

Jones and Nelson hope that they will be able to show UNICEF Club members how to make a change in their community and around the world. 

“If students join, they should expect that we are laying a foundation for a new beginning,” Nelson said. 

Students in UNICEF club will have to attend and help with fundraiser events throughout the school year so that they will truly experience ways to change the world. 

“We really hope people understand that we are not trying to make anyone more stressed than they already are,” Jones said. “We understand how hard school can be, and we are trying to make a difference while also being considerate of our members’ other time commitments.”

 UNICEF Club will be held in Mr. Miller’s room (167) every Wednesday during lunch. The first meeting was held on Sept. 18.

“It seems to be a great environment and everyone there is super friendly.” junior Grace Borjaa said.