AISD Instates Clear-Bag Policy at Shared Athletic Events


Denisse Vargas and Johnney Perez

A new policy began this year which requires students to carry clear bags instead of backpacks in shared stadiums. After numerous school shootings around the U.S., including the Santa Fe school shooting that took place in May of 2018 in the Houston area, many schools have been implementing new safety precautions. Besides mass shootings, there has also been a trend in the number of threats towards students’ safety. 

“It’s not something that just occurred that we are scrambling to put in place, it’s something we’ve been working on for a while now to ensure everyone’s safety,” Officer Thomas Hernandez said.

Although there was some objection to the clear bag policy at first, from both parents and students, they are starting to realize how this regulation is helping them stay protected.

“It’s working little by little, they’re starting to come around,” Hernandez said.

While some students are not opposed to the clear bags, others do not fully understand the reasoning behind the policy, and would prefer to find another solution.

“I would either not bring anything, [but] I would prefer [it] if there were people to check my bag,” Freshman J.J. Tagle said.

When asked if students would have to replace their backpacks on campus with clear bags, Hernandez said it is something that would be for Principal Amy Taylor and AISD to decide.

“I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. But again, the district and Ms. Taylor can change their mind at any point in time,” Hernandez said.

Some students resisted this policy because they are not completely sure why it was created and may not understand the effect the rule will have on their safety.

“Those safety measures are put in place for everyone’s protection while they are at an athletic event or a concert or an event at the performing art center the district has. Its so we know what people are bringing into the building or into the stadium. It’s easy to sneak a gun in or some type of weapon when you have a backpack or a closed bag,”  Hernandez said.