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Fire Drills Lack Urgency

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Fire Drills Lack Urgency

Evan Myers, Staff Writer

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A false fire alarm occurred on Nov. 11. Even though nobody knew it was false, the school still treated it nonchalantly and students sluggishly waddled outside. There was no way of knowing if there was really a fire, but students still went outside in an extremely disorganized fashion.
The school needs better drills and safety protocols and fire drills should be treated as seriously as real fires. The people stuck inside the building need to be identified and saved, not left to die without anyone else knowing. Tools need to be implemented into the system to help these people.
A better system needs to be employed to keep all students safe. Students should be brought out with their classes and be accounted for, so missing students would stick out like sore thumbs. Mingling between classes is confusing and makes it impossible for teachers to take role, so students would need to be grouped by class. The kids who aren’t accounted for would either get in serious trouble or need to be rescued, depending on the circumstances.
“The fire drills here are adequate, but I’ve never been comfortable with adequate,” School Resource Officer Thomas Hernandez said. “School is a place for academia, and learning fire safety is integral for students because you will never know if today or tomorrow could hold a life-threatening fire.”
Several teachers were asked if a fire drill guide or emergency guide existed at all. They all said nothing existed aside from a map of the school posted on the door with the words ‘In case of emergency, exit to the right and walk down the stairs onto the football field.’ These instructions were placed in far and out-of-the-way corners of the room, usually near the door, where they were paid no mind. This is very risky, especially if there is a substitute the day of the emergency. He or she may not know what to do during the situation, which could exacerbate the problem.
The relaxed and uncoordinated fire drills need to be discontinued in favor of a newer and safer system to really protect the students, teachers, and staff from any situation.

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Fire Drills Lack Urgency