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The Vegetarian’s Dilemma

Michael Tiemann-Daniel, Staff Writer

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Vegetarianism is continuing to grow in popularity as many women and men have begun seeing health benefits by making the switch. Studies have proven that when eating a vegetarian balanced diet, women have healthier kidneys, it reduces your risk of Chronic Disease, greater protection from diabetes, supports a healthy body weight, reduces your risk of Heart Disease, and many other benefits. Research has shown that when eating a vegetarian balanced diet, men have higher levels of testosterone, a more attractive scent, are more fit, have glowing skin, are compassionate leaders, have less erectile dysfunction, and tend to live longer.

I was a vegetarian for eight years, beginning when I was adopted at age eight. My family switched to a vegetarian diet because most meat is processed and the bacteria from that isn’t healthy and my parents thought killing innocent animals was cruel. My parents always said, “If you wouldn’t kill it, then you shouldn’t be eating it.” I switched because I thought it would be an excellent change and a symbol of my new life. It was like a fresh start like I could be a new person. I wanted to be special and have a purpose.  

After eight years of being a vegetarian, my family and I have decided to switch to a meat-inclusive diet due to related diet problems and health issues in my family. Some people have to have a meat-inclusive diet because their digestive systems can’t handle a green based diet. We still don’t eat red meat and we only eat wild fish that are not farmed raised. Farmed raised animals tend to be injected with chemicals and antibiotics when they’re killed. The first couple of months of eating meat were a little weird because I haven’t eaten it in so long. The first time I ate meat, I threw up because I grew unaccustomed to the taste, but I knew I could get used to it.

I feel like opening up to new choices and opportunities is the best way to be your own unique person. I don’t feel like I should be eating something that was once alive, but I’m doing it out of respect for the health of my family. I did it, now it’s your turn.

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The Vegetarian’s Dilemma