Rebuking with LukeNukem

A small-time film critic with big-time dreams


Luke Myslik

The logo for Myslik’s youtube channel, “LukeNukem.”

Junior Luke Myslik creates videos where he critiques movies and uploads them to YouTube. Starting in January 2012, Myslik created an account called LukeNukem, and last year he started posting these reviews.

“I had an interest in reviewing films when I saw film reviews on YouTube, mainly channels such as JeremyJahns, MovieBob, The Rageholic, Austin Putnam and Reviews,” Myslik said. “I watched reviews of movies that either came out recently, or films that came out years ago. Also, I watched a lot of videos of the Top 10 Best and Worst Films of the Year, just to see what films I should watch for myself, or films that I should avoid at all costs. As I kept watching reviews, I tried doing the same like they were doing, I went to theaters and I tried reviewing the films, except I was grading them on my notebook. As time went on, I kept doing it until, I thought to myself, ‘You know what, I guess it’s time to give reviewing on YouTube a shot.”

Myslik was inspired by other movie critics like MovieBob, JeremyJahns, and The Rageholic. He goes to the theater a minimum of once a week. The first film Myslik reviewed was “Taken 3” and now he has created and posted over 40 videos.

“There are a lot of people that inspired me for making reviews but the one person that was a true inspiration to me was Korey Coleman, who is the head of Double Toasted and was the leader of,” Myslik said. “One of the things I like about his reviews are the collaboration and communication of him and his three other friends talking about a movie for about half an hour and listening to what they have to say. Without the reviews and all of the humor that he and his friends do in his website and reviews, I wouldn’t have been the movie reviewer that I am now.” 

Myslik focuses on four elements in every film. Myslik analyzes the script, cinematography, sound, and of course acting. He reviews all genres of movies and is professional in his approach to each film.

“Pretty much what every film critic looks for: Good acting, a well-written story with a phenomenal script, jaw dropping cinematography, and an amazing soundtrack,” Myslik said. “I’d look for beautiful animation (if it’s an animated film), some well made action sequences (if it’s an action film), some really hilarious moments that make me laugh (if it’s a comedy), and some really intense scenes and horrifying moments (if it’s a horror movie).”

Myslik’s YouTube channel has given him opportunities to collaborate with other YouTubers and make new professional contacts. Earlier this year, Myslik volunteered at the South by SouthWest film festival where he was interviewed by a local news reporter for his review of “Hardcore Henry”. To date, “LukeNukem” has received over 7,500 views on his YouTube channel.

“I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of reviews like other famous people, but for my Taken 3 video, I had 100+ views on it, so that made me excited,” Myslik said. “After the review of “Seventh Son”, I was shocked when my video received 120+ views 2 days prior to it’s opening, and that video right now has 900+ views on YouTube. I didn’t know what to say at that moment, but I was even more excited with my infamous 30 minute uncut review/rant on 50 Shades of Grey, that film review exceeded my expectations, and I was surprised that I got so many views on that video, 2,600 views to date.”

The future looks bright for LukeNukem. He plans to continue making these reviews and podcasts with his friends.

“I don’t know if I can see myself as a director or producer, but I might see myself as a screenwriter for a while,” Myslik said. “If that doesn’t work, I’ll be an actor possibly…and if that doesn’t work, I’ll be a movie critic for a newspaper or a  big time company. One immediate goal I have is to get a lot of support from new viewers and hopefully to get my channel spread around for people to watch. Seriously, I would love for people at Austin High to watch my reviews, and I hope they would enjoy them.”